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kc5Welcome to Simply Superfood.    I’m Katharine, and a Registered Nurse who has been studying and eating a superfood diet for over 35 years.  I created this site as a resource to help you gain an easy to understand education about how to choose the foods and diet that will support your health.

There is a full health and diet education on this site–but I want to first answer the question you asked to get here:

What is a Superfood?

My standards to measure a superfood include the following aspects.

A Superfood is:     

  • Extraordinarily high in several nutrients
  • Raw
  • High in a variety of minerals
  • Enzymatically active
  • Non-toxic
  • WILD
  • Easily absorbed and eliminated

Therefore, in my world, a superfood is a natural, whole wild food that offers an amazing array of essential micronutrients for not a lot of calories.  It will contain minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, or some significant combination of these essential nutrients.  It might also contain other phytonutrients such as neuropeptides, chlorophyll and mineral peptides.

A superfood is not: 

  • Created in a lab (synthetic)
  • Singular or isolated nutrients
  • Rock dust or other unrelated ingredients
  • Solvent or high-heat extracted
  • Genetically modified (usually done to allow a patent)
  • Doesn’t contain added sugar
  • Is not pasteurized, homogenized or irradiated

My Superfoods Story

I have been a super food enthusiast since 1980. 
I graduated as an RN from nursing school in 1979.   On a quest for answers to my own health challenges, I also completed my Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy Certifications in 1981.
I had suffered from exhaustion my whole life.  My enthusiasm for life was affected by a low thyroid, psoriasis, fever blisters, ear and sinus infections and severe constipation.  Over time, I was often depressed and even thoughts of suicide.
I learned about eating raw and living foods and natural health care during this time.  The change to raw and living foods made a real difference.   And when I discovered superfoods there was yet another noticeable change–I felt better, looked better, and went to the bathroom better. I was healthier and happier than ever!
Yet, I still had stress related fever blisters and compromised digestion.  While I was happier than ever before, I still had down times.
In March 1987, I became very depressed. Even though I was eating raw foods, and 4 heaping tablespoons of spirulina (a powerful microalgae superfood) each day, I was hardly leaving my house.
At this point, I discovered the number one superfood on earth.  To make a long story short – my life turned around.
Once I added this superfood into my diet, gradually, the constipation, psoriasis and herpes outbreaks disappeared!
Today, at 57, I have amazing energy, beautiful skin, healthy sex drive, and clear thinking.  I take no medication of any kind.  You will learn about diet, the many superfoods that I make a part of my life–and I will share details on the science behind the number one superfood on Earth.

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