Building Block 4: Renewal Superfood Formulas

Renewal Superfood Formulas

Only in the last decade has science begun to understand the key role adult stem cells play in our natural and healthy renewal process.

In the last several years great strides have been made in stem cell research. This research has led to the emergence of an exciting new field called regenerative medicine.  It has also given hope to those with degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease; with damaged organs, such as the pancreas or heart; and those who have some forms of cancer.

bigstock_Stem_Cells_2693648What are Adult Stem Cells?

There has been great confusion surrounding the use of stem cells amongst the general public and the scientific community. This confusion is compounded by the ethical, moral and political issues surrounding the use of embryonic stem cells.   What many people don’t realize is there are two classifications of stem cells: those derived from embryos and those formed in our body once we are born, called adult stem cells.

Both types of stem cells are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods. There is no difference in how they work in your body;  both have the ability to develop into specialized cell types.

During natural aging, adult stem cells have less restorative capacity and are more vulnerable to oxidative stress. This reduces the ability of the body to heal itself.

Because stem cells are the basis of ongoing renewal, their use for natural healing is profound.  What is most exciting to me is that recent studies prove that foods have the ability to naturally support stem cell production and health.  This means that with targeted formulas, you can dramatically improve the health and numbers of your own stem cells.  Foods proven to help increase adult stem cell activity or numbers include blueberries, green tea and blue green microalgae.

Several medical studies have shown that the natural product formula I use, which is based on whole foods and whole food extracts, dramatically helps to increase adult stem cell population and vitality.

Another preliminary study demonstrates that this formula also promotes healing of defective cells.

Please feel free to contact me and request articles if you want to learn more about Stem Cell products; stem cell studies; and/or their therapeutic potential.

Adult Stem Cell Enhancement Formula Wild blueberries, wild blueberry extract, carnosine, green tea extract, Vt. D3 and wild-crafted microalgae

    • 60 capsules- $60.00

When or how I would recommend you begin to use this formula depends on several factors.  I need to be able to assess your health and situation before making any specific product recommendations.  Once I receive your responses to the health questionnaire, I can share with you how to get started on these products.

Getting Started

This natural healing program needs to be specifically customized to your own health needs. I feel that it’s very important for the integrity of your health process that you have a health coach.

To get started in your healing process, just follow the steps below.   I will email you a schedule to follow as you start taking these extraordinary supplements.

Click here to fill out your health assessment questionnaire so I can learn more about your health, any specific health challenges, and your goals. After receiving your answers, I’ll be able to customize a specific supplement program for you based on your current health and diet.

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